July 4, 2014

Löwenherz' first official release: BEARLEENER EP on Indiana Tones Recordings. In this song he used the famous speech of John F. Kennedy held on June 26th 1963 in West-Berlin. "Ish bin ein Bearleener" - famous words and a perfect springboard for a fantastic track with a groovy baseline und some stunning synths. The Remixes were contributet by Rockaforte and Freed, each in their own significant style: Freed added his very own laidback vein into it by slowing it down a little. Rockaforte on the otherside took the track back on the dancefloor with a rolling baseline and his amazing attention into every detail. But listen ...


December 8, 2013

Here is the official Video for Löwenherz & Freed - We love you (Tribute to Nelson Mandela) This track has been a major success and has already been remixed by famous Remixer Zwette. The track and it's remixes reached almost half a million plays webwide, due to various uploads by music diffusers.   For the first anniversary an EP on Clair de Lune Records is planned, including a brand new remix by Severin Borer. But psst! it's a ...