February 1, 2015

With 'Home' I tried some new things and went beyond genres: It's a mix of Tropical, Ambient and danceable Deep House. Also it is my first released track with vocals. I took the vocals from Loopmasters this time. For my next track we will have original vocals, since I am currently working with some talented singers like Anil Altintas. Enough text - lean back and ...



November 21, 2014

One year after the passing of Nelson Mandela and almost 500.000 listeners (web wide) later on 5th December 2014 Löwenherz Freed's Mandela Tribute Song will be officially released on Clair de Lune Records. Famous Remixer Zwette and Severin Borer contributed nice ...



September 21, 2014

Löwenherz' first official remix: Lumoon & Rob!in -Printemps Nouveau (Löwenherz Remix). This remix is a special one to introduce Löwenherz to Clair the Lune Records (CDL). Löwenherz joins this up-and-coming label from Belgium among artists like Vijay & Sofia Zlatko, Marcapasos and ATTAR!. 'Printemps Nouveau' is already supported by Tube & Berger, Larse, Christoph, Nhan Solo, Ferreck dawn, Richard grey, Mark lower, Low steppa, Jamie Antonelli , Fapples and many more. This remix is a gift from Löwenherz and Clair de Lune, so don't miss the free download.   Listen to the other great remixes of 'Printemps Nouveau' by ATTAR! and Chris ...